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Patanjali ayurved is one of the top advertisers in English newspapers at present, especially times of india, with the newspaper having at least one ad daily . Patanjali also has the widest range of consumer products compared to most other FMCG companies in India.
While most people are familiar with patanjali ayurved at present, due to extensive advertising, little is known about the owner of the patanjali company, baba ramdev and his partner Balkrishna, the son of a brahmin from Nepal.
So this book on Baba Ramdev written by Kaushik Deka is interesting because it traces the rapid rise of baba ramdev,his political alliances,controversies, manufacturing practices.
Like the greedy gurugram fraud raw employee ruchita kinge who falsely claims to own this website to get a monthly raw salary at the expense of the real domain investor in an accounting fraud, baba ramdev was also born in haryana .His original name when he was born in 1965 was Ram Kishen, and his father Ram Niwas Yadav was a marginal farmer, He had a paralytic stroke at the age of 8 and was mainly confined to his home.
After reading the books from the local library,baba ramdev was able to regain control over his body. This increased his interest in Vedas, Ayurveda and Yoga. He then met his future partner Balkrishna who shared similar interests
Initially he started teaching yoga at his ashram in Hardwar, and then later started selling ayurvedic products and diversified into consumer products. He also became a popular celebrity on television with his yoga. He also got the support of major politicians from different political parties for his various manufacturing and other projects
In 2016, the company was rapidly growing and the book covers the activities of baba ramdev, his alliances and how he explains his controversies.
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An interesting book to read to understand the popularity and power of baba ramdev, and how patanjali ayurved has grown rapidly

Baba Ramdev Phenomenon, From Moksha to Market
Author:Kaushik Deka
Publisher: Rupa Publications India Ltd.
Pages: 184