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One of the major problems living in India is that the intelligence and security agencies are often very prejudiced and do not have an open mind. They think that a person will remain the same all his or her life. Since well paid government employees having a good social status and monthly salary do not face major problems their attitude remains largely the same. In contrast, private citizens, professionals and investors from poorer communities like the marathi speaking bhandari reviewer from north karnataka are subjected to endless criminal defamation, slander, cheating, exploitation, robbery, human rights abuses by the greedy government employees and the greedy ruthless rich and powerful , it results in a drastic change in their attitude towards life, money and people.
You are here is a story of a good looking young woman Arshi who is working in a public relations agency. Her mother is Kashmiri , father is Goan Catholic and her parents are divorced. She is living with her room mate Topsy who is from a conservative family and is dating a muslim pilot Fardeen. She describes her life in a series of flashbacks, her relationship with her mother, her boss at work Shruti who she dislikes
One of the more interesting aspects of the book is how the author describes how relationships change over time. She remembers when she was very young a few years ago, her parents were very much in love with each other, yet by the time she became twelve, they could not tolerate each other. Though they waited till she went to bed to start their arguments, which Arshi could hear in her room.
It also describes the personal and social life of most young women who go to parties, have boyfriends, drink, eat out and socialize. The attitude of a person will also greatly change over time. The reviewer has been subjected to endless fraud, robbery and human rights abuses by government agencies without a legally valid reason which is well known worldwide
When the reviewer was young, she worked multiple jobs and led a frugal life to save money so that she could start her own business. Yet allegedly bribed by tech and internet companies, LIAR indian government agencies allegedly cbi have stolen the retirement savings without a legally valid reason and are falsely claiming that the stolen savings belong to their lazy greedy employees who have almost no professional experience at all while slandering her viciously
This government robbery caused great hardship to the reviewer and she has lost her faith in the indian government system, it is extremely difficult for citizens like her to get justice, the government only believes the rich and powerful, blindly believes their lies to waste taxpayer money paying them monthly salaries for fake resume, fake bank account. Yet showing how shameless the greedy government employees in india are, they still expect her to do a job again, to save money, which can again rob and get government jobs for their associates.
When the government employees have stolen the savings from doing a job for approximately 10 years without a court order, there is no reason for the reviewer to do a full time job, waste time commuting to office daily, only for well paid government employees to steal the savings, resume again after slandering her with their 100% fake stories since she has no one to help or defend her.
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Interesting book to understand how attitudes, relationships change with time, and the lifestyle of young women in india today, especially delhi
You are here
Author: Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan
Publisher: Penguin Books India 2008
Pages: 255

Call centre An inside story by Vikrant Shukla 0

Some of the most lucrative jobs available in both cities and small towns for young people in India at present are available are at call centres, yet there is relatively little information available for people in conventional professions, except the occassional news of the murder of a call centre employee after returning from work. The book ” Call centre An inside story by Vikrant Shukla ” gives a glimpse of the life of an entry level call center employee.
The main protagonist Shiv has got a law degree in Kanpur,and is working as an assistant to a senior advocate Balram Rastogi. He soon realizes that he will not make any money soon, and it is difficult to become a successful lawyer if a person does not have any relative already working as a lawyer. So he decides to look for other options to make a reasonable amount of money and his brother who is working in Pune suggested that he try working in a call center.
So along with his middle class mother, Shiv makes a trip to Pune to try his luck at the call centers. He initially goes for walk in interviews which are advertised in Ascent section of times of india, and so when referred to by a neighbour, yet he has no luck because of his voice which has a strong MTI or mother tongue influence. So he is forced to go for professional training at a consultancy firm named Crossway which has a 15 day course in which the students are taught how to neutralize their indian accent and are coached specifically for a call center position.
At crossway he is fortunate that the coach abbas provides comprehensive training so that he is accepted at a call center named Corporate Clients which deals with american clients like Circular wireless. His colleagues who he is also friendly with include Alex, Sumit and Tanya. After working at the call center for some time, Sumit and Tanya take a loan from IEIE bank to purchase a new car. Some time later Tanya takes leave of 10 days to go to Nagpur for a medical emergency in her family, only to disappear and is never traced despite the best effort of sumit, her boyfriend.
Later at a blood donation camp, the company finds that sumit who was dating tanya was HIV positive. After sumit recovers from the shock, sumit resigns and decides to relocate to goa, without repaying the loan he had taken from IEIE bank.The good natured Keralite Alex who had stood guarantor for sumit and tanya is forced to repay the loan they had taken, with emis from his salary, though tanya alone had possession with the car. They later find out that tanya had duped them, her landlord in Pune knew her as Shivani.
Alex who was also studying for his MBA finds a better job after completing his MBA, However shiv finds that prospects are limited outside the call center industry , continues, and is promoted to the designation of team leader after some time. Though the salary is attractive the prospects at the call center remain limited and the lifestyle which forced people to work at night, can take a toll on the persons health. An interesting and honest glimpse into the life of a person working in a call centre, the qualification, training required and lifestyle.

Call centre An inside story
by Vikrant Shukla
Publisher Mehta Publishing house
pages: 299

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Review: The Maharaja’s Man : Diwan Jarmani Dass 0

The Maharaja’s Man : Diwan Jarmani Dass is a fascinating look at the life of a minister in the court of the maharaja of kapurthala and patiala . Not only does it provide an interesting glimpse of how india was run in pre independence day India, before the british were forced to leave the country, it also provides an insight into the culture of the country which has not changed significantly over the last century, especially the status of women.
Today the maharajas have been replaced by the intelligence agency officials who cannot be held accountable, and treat women the same way. Allegedly some intelligence agency positions in india are also hereditary based on information available online and offline in magazines. Just as the marriage or being a mistress of a maharaja could make a woman rich overnight, being married to or sleeping w